Teach me to Hate

As I have meditated on my previous post about emotionalism, it has occurred to me that much of my personal bias and weakness crept its way into my writing there. The Lord has brought to my attention my weakness regarding emotions – my tendency to dismiss them because I don’t feel them with particular strength […]


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The Economics of Righteousness

Much is made of the study of economics. At its most simple, however, economics has one overriding principle – every action taken by an individual is to maximize his possessed value. The principle of maximum value is easily demonstrated by a man who buys any good. He values the good more than the money he […]

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One of the most prevalent and pernicious effects of the decline of traditional masculinity in the West is the rise of emotionalism among men. For most of Christianity’s history, particularly men were expected to be the masters of their own impulses, indeed, the Bible has a great deal to say about the subject. Before diving […]

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The Doctrine of Excellence

This being the first post, I thought an introduction and statement of purpose would be fitting. I’m a white-collar professional in my mid-twenties with a penchant for philosophy and theology, based in the Midwest. I’ve been in the Church from birth and, up to now, have been relatively blind to the disservice that it’s doing […]

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